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Photo above shows our truck at a job site in Bristol Pointe to remove the seamless gutters that were improperly installed.

The photo above shows an improper gutter installation. In order to protect your fascia, the gutters MUST be installed directly behind the metal flashing (drip edge), NOT BELOW.

Above photo shows shoddy workmanship. Not only were the gutters installed improperly but they were installed below the metal flashing and as you can see, water remained in the gutters. This was caused by shoddy workmanship. Gutters must be installed with pitch so the water can drain properly. When improperly installed AND without pitch, this is a nesting area for mosquitoes, mildew and mold.

The above photo shows that once we installed new seamless gutter the proper way, up to the roof tile and behind the metal flashing, you can see the discoloration in the fascia by nearly 2 inches. Now the gutter will actually do its job catching the heavy rain cascading off the roof AND the rain will not go behind the gutter causing fascia rot as in the photo below.

In the above photo, you can see vertical lines running down on the fascia board. This was because the gutters were not installed behind the metal flashing but below which would have eventually rotted out the fascia. Replacing fascia is very costly. We explain this to you in our "educate yourself" and "see for yourself" pages. In this economy, it is better to take the proper precautions now saving yourself thousands of dollars down the road.


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