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As seen on Channel 5 News August 25, 2015 - Call us to clean out your gutters and trim your trees to protect your roof from cracked tiles and damage to your fascia.

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Homeowners to this day, August 27, 2015, are still being ripped off by Florida Contractors (empty promises & assurances) who employ un-qualified installers (imbeciles) as we refer to them and unless you as the homeowner are familiar on how gutters should be installed, you will continue to be ripped off. There is no Building Code so do not expect a Building Inspector to come knocking at your door inspecting your gutters. Please go to our "pricing" page for photos on how gutters should look if they were properly installed. Take a quick peak at this photo.Click Here

Improperly installed gutters will eventurally ruin and rot out your fascia. That's a given. Improperly installed gutters do not catch the heavy rain cascading off your roof AND your gutters will become feedlots for mold and mildew. Rotted fascia can also lead to termites.

Homes without gutters cause soil erosion, cause pre-mature settlement cracks in your foundation that and can lead to insect infestation in your home, usually sugar ants. It will also shorten the life of your air conditioner by 30%. This is why newer homes being built today have approximately 10 linear feet of seamless gutter installed above the air condidtioner unit.

If your home does have gutters, take a few moments, go outside and see if they are similar to these photos. 98% of the homes in Florida were installed like the top left photo. Doesn't make a difference if your roof is tile or shingle. This type of installation will cause damage to your fascia and will not catch the heavy rain cascading off your roof. It's far less expensive to replace your gutters now if they look like this photo rather than wait having no choice but to repair and replace your rotted fascia and soffit due to your improperly installed gutters AND you will still have to remove your worthless gutters before you can repair your rotted fascia.




This photo shows seamless gutters improperly installed by a gutter installer, (an imbecile). When you can see the metal flashing above the gutter, the installer, (imbecile). Do you actually think this is a functional gutter system? Do you think the imbecile was concerned whether they work or not. His only interest was to get in and get out and pick up a check.

This homeowner wasn't knowledgeable on how gutters are to be installed and didn't realize their fascia will be ruined over time costing hundreds to thousands of dollars on fascia and soffit repairs.

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This photo shows properly installed gutters. Notice how the gutter was installed behind the metal flashing and up to the roof tile. The spikes are inserted through the gutter and through the metal flashing giving extra support. When properly installed, water cannot be sucked back behind the metal flashing or rot out your fascia and soffit. This is how your gutters should look. Water goes directly into the gutter, not over it.

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Photo to the left shows how a proper installation is being done. The installer carefully moved the metal flashing away from the strip of wood known as the "furring strip" so that the gutter can be installed directly behind the metal flashing, NOT below it. Gutters should always be installed behind the metal flashing and up to the roof tile if you want to protect your fascia from rotting and to catch the heavy rain water. If you can see the metal above your gutter as in the top photo, water is going behind your gutter and rotting out your fascia. Sooner or later, the fascia on your home will rot and the length of time it takes to rot depends on the type of wood the builder used when installing your fascia.

Please click here to read the information provided directly from unbiased ROOFING EXPERTS stating how gutters must be installed; directly behind the drip edge and or flashing, not below.

When gutters are properly installed, the rain gutter is up to the roof tile AND you will not see the metal flashing. This is how your rain gutter catches the heavy rain cascading off your roof.

Notice the craftmanship with this installation. Each miter is joined together as if it were a picture frame. All of our installers have years of experience and knowledge.


Nearly 60% of South Florida homes have a limited amount of seamless gutter or no gutter at all. At least 97% of those homes that do have gutters were installed improperly and will eventually, if not already have rotten fascia behind their improperly installed gutters.

Heavy rain cascading off a roof eventually leaves a valley in the soil.  Water does not merely sink into the ground. Water travels to the lowest point taking with it particles of soil.  Take a few moments and walk around your home.  Notice the indentation in the ground?  Soil erosion causes your foundation to shift leading to premature settlement cracks. Settlement cracks are first noticeable next to the window casings going in a vertical line.  More severe settlement cracks may be noticeable approximately one foot from the ground going in a horizontal line.

Rain Gutters installed over an air conditioner unit will extend the life of the air conditioner unit by up to 30%. If you have no gutter over your air conditioner, you will lose up to 30% of the life of the unit.

Settlement cracks in your foundation lead to insects penetrating your home through those cracks. The most common insect are sugar ants.

The photos below depict years of heavy rain cascading off a roof washing away the soil that led to soil erosion followed by settlement cracking in the foundation. Heavy rain also washed away the soil beneath the concrete slab holding the AC unit. Eventually the concrete slab will break apart which could damage the air conditioner unit. This too could be costly to repair.

Look closely at the last photo showing the white seamless gutter and you will see water stains that came from behind the gutter. This is because the gutter was not installed behind the metal flashing. Depending on the type of wood the builder used when constructing the home will be the determining factor on how long it will take to rot but one thing you can count on, it will be costly to replace your fascia. Consider remedying the problem now by having your rain gutters properly installed.


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