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Classic Example: This photo represents a home installed with no gutters on the upper roof and improperly installed gutters on the lower roof. Notice how the fascia on the upper roof is starting to rot and how you can see the metal flashing above the gutters on the lower roof.

This photo shows seamless gutters installed below the metal flashing that has caused the fascia to rot in the photo below. If you can see the metal flashing, the installer didnt have the knowledge, experience and of course the brains on how to properly install the gutter (an imbecile). As the homeowner, you will now have to pay to remove your improperly installed gutters, repair your rotted out fascia and then install new seamless gutters. It's far less expensive to remove your improperly installed gutters before they rot out and fascia and have new seamless gutters installed the right way. Just check out our testimonials.

Classic Example: This photo is a closer view at the rotted fascia that is located on the right front from the photo above. Water is sucked behind the metal flashing (capillary action) and runs down the fascia causing it to rot out over time. It is far less expensive to replace improperly installed gutters that do nothing but damage to your home. Even today, other installers only concern is to put up a useless decoration on your home, taking advantage of you because of your lack of knowledge on the right way to install gutters. Improperly installed gutters do not catch the heavy water coming off your roof AND they will rot out your fascia.

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This photo represents improperly installed gutters causing the fascia to rot. It will be far less expensive to correct your improperly installed gutters beore your fascia looks like this photo. It is only a matter of time depending on the type of wood used when building your home. Give us a call for a FREE ESTIMATE.

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