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Woodfield Country Club Photos

This photo depicts improperly installed gutter. These gutters were installed below the drip edge. When properly installed, the spikes penetrate the metal flashing into the wood known as the "one by" which is covered by the metal flashing providing additional strength. When properly installed, the gutter is up to the roof line so that it catches all of the rain water. These gutters were installed several inches below the metal flashing.

This photo depicts the fascia starting to rot from the above photo. Certain sections of the fascia had to be replaced which becomes costly to the homeowner.

This photo depicts a different angle as to how the gutter was installed. Below the metal flashing and the gutter spikes were installed directly into the fascia which is an improper installation. Again, when properly installed, the gutter should have been installed behind the metal flashing, not below AND up to the roof tile.

This photo represents whereas the homeowner did absolutely nothing to take corrective measures and properly install new gutters. Rather than spend $2,435 for new gutters, this homeowner spent $5655.00 for replacing a small portion of rotted fascia.

The photo below depicts a proper installation. Notice how you cannot see the metal flashing and how the gutter is installed directly below the roof tile. Properly installed, rain gutter will catch ALL the heavy rain water AND it will save you thousands of dollars in the long run so that you would not have to replace your fascia.

To fully understand, click on the Educate Yourself button and look at the third photo. Notice how the metal flashing is cut so that the gutter can be installed directly behind the metal flashing, not below. This is how a proper installation is done and don't be sold on anything else.


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