"Our Best Customer is an Educated Consumer"

Arthur H. Kaufman, President and owner of Any Time Gutter & Screening, Inc. since its inception in 2003 has been working with homeowners, builders, roofing contractors and Home Owner Associations.

Our best customer is an educated consumer and I hope our website will answer any questions you may have. Some of the information on this web site is provided by unbiased roofing experts. Click here to read how seamless gutters should be installed.

Personally, I am appalled by the number of unscrupulous building contractors in South Florida. This is why we never ask for a deposit and we give you up to 4 months to pay, INTEREST FREE once we complete your installation. We want our customers totally satisfied and we are confident you will not be calling us back as an unhappy customer.

Depending on the roofing contractor, (this is Florida) they use a variety of wood (fascia) on a home. More resilient wood (fascia) takes longer before it rots just as some roofing contractors cut corners using the least expensive wood such as pine or white wood which will result in rotten fascia in a shorter amount of time. Bottom line, if the gutter installer (imbecile) did not install your seamless gutters behind the metal flashing and up to the roof tile, sooner or later you will have to replace your rotten fascia which is costly to replace.

Gutter installers (imbeciles) for the most part never discuss with the homeowner how they will be installing the gutter on their home. This is because they feel the homeowner “thinks” the installer (imbeciles) knows what they are doing. Homeowners are unaware there is no Building Code, therefore the installer (imbecile) can install the gutter any way he sees fit in order to get the installation done as quickly as possible. Do you honestly think they want to spend all this time in this heat? This is why 98% of homes with gutters have always been installed below the metal flashing and inches away from the roof tile leaving the homeowner with nothing more than a worthless decoration of seamless gutter on their home. You need to remember, you requested seamless gutters be installed on your home. You never requested they be installed correctly. You only assumed they would be installed properly.

Click here to see a home in Coral Springs where two homes are joined together. The left side shows a new roof that was installed and Any Time Gutter & Screening, Inc. did the installation of properly installed seamless gutters, behind the metal flashing and up to roof tile. On the right side, the gutters were installed by an installer, (imbecile), below the metal flashing and inches below the roof tile. Be honest, do you think the homeowner got what he/she paid for? The homeowner paid for a worthless installation and got screwed. Those gutters do not catch the heavy rain and does cause the fascia to rot out.

Top left photo below shows how one of our experienced installers carefully moved the metal flashing away so the seamless gutter could be installed directly behind the metal flashing and all the way up to the roof line.

Top right photo below shows how seamless gutters should look once properly installed. Notice how you can no longer see the metal flashing that was carefully adjusted in order to place the gutter up to the roof tile and directly behind the metal flashing. This is a proper installation.

Photo #3 shows how the majority of other companies to this day still install seamless gutter. It's quick, it's easy and any imbecile can install it however when not installed behind the metal flashing and up to the roof tile, it will not catch the heavy rain water cascading off your roof. If installed properly, you should never be able to see the metal flashing if the gutters were installed properly.

Bottom right photo shows how properly installed seamless gutter looks on a shingle roof, the same way it looks on the top right photo, (tile roof). YOU SHOULD NEVER SEE THE METAL FLASHING if the gutter were installed properly.

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