"Our Best Customer is an Educated Consumer"

Dear Consumer:

As I am sure you are all aware, our economy is not in the best of shape, and more importantly we have no idea as to when the economy will be turning around. Some homeowners may be contemplating moving to a larger home, some may be considering downsizing, but with the unbelievable decrease in real estate value of our homes, the majority of us have decided to stay put for now or at least until the economy reverses.

As a business owner and a homeowner, I too have to keep my home maintained if I want its value to remain high and increase over time.

Some of us have lost our jobs, some of us have taken pay cuts and yet our homes still need repair, some more than others.

As a local resident, I am doing my share to help those who need new seamless gutters installed or your gutters repaired, screen enclosure repairs or re-screening and 9 gallons per minute pressure cleaning to get rid of mold and mildew.

Up to 4 months to pay, NO DEPOSIT and INTEREST FREE on any seamless gutter installation.

What better way to say “Thank You” for your business.



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