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FACT: Nearly 70% of South Florida homes have a limited amount of gutter or no gutter at all. At least 85% of the homes that do have gutter were installed improperly. Homes without gutter as well as those homes with improperly installed gutter will eventually need fascia and soffit repair.

FACT: Improperly installed gutters become feedlots for mold that can sicken your family. Click Here to see how a properly installed gutter should look.

FACT:   Heavy rain cascading off a roof leaves a valley in the soil.  Water does not merely sink into the ground. Water travels to the lowest point taking with it particles of soil.  Take a few moments and walk around your home.  Notice the indentation in the ground?  Soil erosion causes your foundation to shift leading to premature settlement cracks. Settlement cracks are first noticeable next to window casings going in a vertical line.  More severe settlement cracks may be noticeable approximately one foot from the ground going in a horizontal line.

FACT: Gutters installed over an air conditioner unit will extend the life of the unit by up to 30%. If you have no gutter over your air conditioner, you will lose up to 30% of the life of the unit.

FACT:    Settlement cracks in your foundation lead to insects penetrating your home through those cracks. The most common insect are sugar ants.

The photos below depict years of heavy rain cascading off a roof that washed away the soil that led to soil erosion followed by settlement cracking in the foundation. Heavy rain also washed away the soil beneath the concrete slab holding the AC unit. Eventually the concrete slab will crack and or break into pieces which could damage the air conditioner unit. This too could be costly to repair.



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