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Lastly, our "pricing page" and hopefully by this time you have reached a decision on what kind of seamless gutters you want installed on your home.

1. Gutters that will catch the heavy rain cascasding off your roof and an installation that will protect your fascia from getting ruined.

2. A half-ass installation installed inches below the metal flashing that will not catch the heavy rain cascading off your roof & will ruin your fascia over time due to capillary action as described on our "educate page" provided by national roofing experts. 98% of South Florida homes have been installed by (imbeciles) as we describe them on our web site and to this day, still are being installed.

What is a "half-ass" installation? That's when the installer (imbecile) as we describe them do not inform you they will be installing the gutter inches below the roof tile and beneath the metal flashing. This means your gutters will be useless and will not catch the heavy rain cascading off your roof and more importantly, improperly installed gutters will without a doubt ruin your fascia, just a matter of time.

A half-ass installation is less costly to install and will save you money in the short term but will cost you thousands more down the road when you experience rotted fascia that needs to be replaced. When that occurs, you will then have to remove your improperly installed gutters to replace the rotted fascia and then you will have to install new gutters all over again.

Florida building contractors are known for empty promises and assurances, just take the money and run.

I recommend you install the gutters the right way. BEHIND THE METAL FLASHING AND UP TO THE ROOF TILE. Doing it the right way takes twice as long to install and does cost more but in the long run, you will save thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs.

Our installers have years of experience and knowledge. Other installers (imbeciles) as we refer to them could care less, just take your money and run. I guarantee their contract will not guarantee their half-ass installation will catch the heavy rain cascading off your roof.

Most installers (imbeciles) lack the knowledge and experience which is why they install the gutters below the metal flashing in the first place. Moreover, their lack of knowledge and experience could easily cause a tear in the tar membrane that will be the start of a small roof leak, something that will be costly to repair down the road.

The testimonials we provide are from homeowners who took the time and wrote something from their heart that includes their name, address and a telephone number so someone like yourself could call and check on the work we have done, not simply a quick note and a first name. I could post thousands of meaningless manufactured testimonials on our web site if that were the case.

Remember, NO BUILDING CODE ON HOW TO INSTALL GUTTERS, no Building Permit is required and no Building Inspector will be knocking on your door telling you whether your gutters were installed the right way or the wrong way.

It's common sense on how to install gutters and most installers, (imbeciles) simply want to install the gutters in the least amount of time telling homeowners it's not necessary to install the gutters behind the metal flashing and up to the roof tile. This is because they get a percentage of each job they do and want to get in and get out as quickly as possible. Hey, why spend two days doing an installation when they can do it in a few hours and move on to the next uneducated homeowner?

Photo 1 and photo 2 represent an improper installation done on a home located in Bristol Pointe, Delray Beach & Woodfield Country Club, Boca Raton. As of January 7, 2013, other companies still install gutters BELOW the metal flashing. It's quick, it's easy and it doesn't require knowledge or experience so any installer (imbecile) can say they are a gutter installer. The photos below give the best explanation.

This photo depicts how our experienced gutter installer carefully moved the metal flashing away in order to install the gutter up to the roof tile. You must have years of experience and knowledge to carefully do this without damaging the tar paper and membrane. Remember, it's the tar paper and bitumen (modified tar paper) installed on your roof that prevents your roof from leaking.

This photo depicts the right way to install seamless gutters. The gutter is behind the metal flashing and right below the roof tile. Properly installed seamless gutters will catch the heavy rain coming off your roof and it will prevent the water from going behind the gutter running down the side of the fascia (capillary action) causing your fascia to rot out over time.

This photo depicts how your seamless gutters should look when properly installed; behind the metal flashing and up to the roof tile where you can no longer see the metal flashing. Take a look at your house or perhaps even your neighbors. Nearly 95% of the homes you see in South Florida were installed by imbeciles.

This photo shows the fascia starting to rot because the gutter was never properly installed. Location: Woodfield Country Club, Boca Raton. This photo is of a home in the Bristol Pointe community located in Delray Beach. It was only a matter of time before the fascia started to rot due to installing the gutter below the metal flashing and not up to the roof tile. As this homeowner found out, a little bit late though, it would have been far less expensive to replace the improperly installed gutters before the fascia rotted rather than wait for the fascia to rot. Rotted fascia is costly to repair so you should consider installing your seamless gutters properly the first time around.

This photo was taken prior to removing the improperly installed gutter. We cut the gutter while still attached to the fascia to show you how the gutter was installed; below the metal flashing and not up to the roof tile. This installation was a waste of the homeowner's money. If you look at your neighbor's homes, you will see, nearly every home was done improperly. Most installers to this day continue to do half-ass installations.

PRICING - Two choices for you to consider.

Choice #1: Have your seamless gutters installed properly from the get go; behind the metal flashing and up to the roof tile if you intend on living in your home for 1 or more years. This will save you thousands of dollars in fascia repairs. Photo 1 and photo 2.

Choice #2: If you are planning on selling your home within the next year, have an (imbecile) do a half-ass installation on your home, inches below the roof tile AND NOT BEHIND THE METAL FLASHING. It won't catch the heavy rain cascading off your roof and it will ruin your fascia. Photo 1 and photo 2. but it will save you some money.

We are the only company that does not ask for a deposit AND we give you interest free up to 4 months to pay.

You get a 2 year warranty on labor and a 20 year manufacturers warranty on material. We use the best quality aluminum with baked on enamel in a wide variety of colors and we use the best quality caulk, spikes and ferrules, something homeowners never see during the installation but will start to notice when you experience leaking miters and rust.

Lastly, we do not install "decorative downspouts". We install our downspouts where they will do your home the most good by keeping the water far away from your foundation as possible without flooding the sides of your home. Any imbecile can install a downspout but was it installed in the best possible area doing your home the most good?

If you took the time to look at some of our photos, you will have seen the correct amount of pitch in the gutter so the water will flow toward the downspout opening. If the gutter has no pitch, rest assured water will remain in your gutter that can lead to mosquitoes, mildew and mold.

I, Arthur Kaufman, owner, personally inspect each and every job we do. Please read some of our testimonials and I hope you found our web site educational.


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