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What you should know when having a new roof installed.

Roofing Contractors are required to install new metal flashing throughout your home unless YOU, the homeowner instruct your roofer NOT TO REPLACE YOUR EXISTING GUTTER. In the photo above, the roofer replaced the metal flashing in front however the ONLY way the roofer could replace the metal flashing on the left side where the gutter is still in place would be to "back nail" the gutter.

Homeowners, this is a big mistake, not big but a huge mistake. Once you tell the roofer not to replace your existing gutter, many roofers simply remove the spikes that are holding the seamless gutter in place and do one of two things; they lower the seamless gutter to install a new metal flashing and then improperly reinstall the gutter as in the photo below to the left or they "back nail" the gutter. Notice how the pitch is to the opposite side of the downspout. Is this what you are looking for simply to save a few dollars? The homeowner now wishes they removed the old gutter replacing them with new. Gutters are made of aluminum and do not rust but they do not last forever. They eventually become pitted and will leak. Always replace your gutters when replacing a roof. Improperly installed gutters will also rot out your fascia and your roofer will not be responsible, IT WILL BE YOU WHO WILL BE RESPONSIBLE!

Building Inspectors are required to inspect various stages of a re-roof however do not expect them to come knocking at your door. When you tell a roofer not to replace your existing gutter; that is the roofer’s “out” giving them several options as to replacing your metal flashing and this becomes YOUR PROBLEM.

Here is the part you need to pay attention to. Some roofers will remove the spikes that are holding your gutter in place and replace the spikes with one (1) inch nails. Now they install a second metal flashing OVER the original metal flashing. This is called “back nailing” and when there comes a time that you do need new gutter, you will spend thousands of dollars because your gutters were back nailed and virtually impossible to remove. Think about it, how do you remove nails that are in-between two pieces of metal?

None of this will be in your roof warranty so this becomes YOUR PROBLEM.

Roof tile removed along with OLD GUTTER which is the proper way when having a new roof installed. Always make sure the roofing company removes your OLD GUTTER so that a new metal flashing is installed.

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